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Monday, February 18, 2008

Tuesday at the Green Dragon

Meet the Brewer Tuesday
Green Dragon Pub
938 SE 9th Ave
The Green Dragon pub has a regular feature I've been bad about promoting--every Tuesday, they have a brewer on-site to chat with patrons. In some cases, like when Heater | Allen came, it's a new brewery. In others, it's a familiar brewery, so they bring some special beers to show and tell. Tomorrow it's Deschutes, and the Green Dragon is hinting Abyss may make an appearance. (To quote from their email: "Not to spread rumors, but we might just get a bit more of a certain imperial stout that night...")

Future schedule:
Feb. 26 Laughing Dog Brewery from Sandpoint, Idaho.
March 4 Double Mountain Brewery from Hood River (Charlie and Matt are sure to bring something amazing)
March 11 Block 15 Brewing from Corvallis ("St. Steve" Van Rossum returns to the brewhouse at this new start-up)
March 18 Fish Brewing from Olympia, Wash. (Former Glen Falconer Scholarship winner Jenn Gridley)
March 25 Full Sail Brewing (John Harris always has something fun cooking)
April 1 Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (No fooling: Corey Blodgett will show off his beers outside the McMennanin's empire)
I'll keep you updated.

[Update. From the Green Dragon, in today's email: "Just a reminder that tonight's Meet the Brewer is with Cam O'Connor of Deschutes Brewery. We will be pouring the new Green Lakes Organic Amber, St. Abe Belgian Artisanal Ale, Big Red (a double version of Cinder Cone Red).. oh yeah, and some stout called Abyss, or something like that. Taps open at 6 p.m."

Sounds like an interesting line-up--in addition to the Abyss are two other interesting beers, plus the new Green Lakes.]

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