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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Travels with Dave

Dave Selden is in Belgium, and he's blogging up a storm. He has secured a twelver of Westvleteren, which he's attempting to bring back stateside. Perhaps he's susceptible to bribes. Sample post:
After Westvleteren yesterday, Sarah and I attempted to visit several other beer sites near Poperinge, all of which were closed on Wednesday. The closures continued when we returned to Bruges in the evening, but we managed to find the excellent, and highly-recommended Cambrinus, whose beer menu was several inches thick and included more than 400 beers. Mine was the amazing Vin de Cereale from Rodenbach, vintage 2004. Sarah had Bourgogne de Flandres, which was sweeter and not quite as good as La Duchesse from the same style. Tour of De Halve Maan brewery this afternoon …
Pictures, too, which just makes me all the greener with envy. There's one with Sarah, Dave's wife, with three gorgeous Belgians in front of her (there it's just called "beer," I guess--or "biere"). Go have a look if you want to make yourself crazy.

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