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Friday, February 15, 2008

Good New(ish) Blog

I have been meaning to link to a blog I've been reading lately called "It's Pub Night." It's a Portland blog and unlike many beer blogs, is regularly updated. Bill is the blogger, and I know little more about him--but maybe he'll stop by and tell us. He tends to write about slightly different things than me, which means you get a fuller dose of the beery opinion and news. He has a post up about an empty bottle of Abyss that was selling on eBay, for example.

So, go say hi.

1 comment:

  1. Jeff, thanks for the blurb!

    I'm not a professional writer or a homebrewer. But I began to notice how much time my friends and I spend talking about the beer scene in our neighborhood, thinking about it, and gleefully partaking of it. I started the blog to capture some of that before I forgot all of it, and as a way to give back to this place that I love living in.

    When you posted your 40th birthday beer blog, I realized that we're about the same age, I turned 40 in late 2006. Moved here from Austin a few years ago.

    You mentioned that I tend to blog about different things than Beervana, and that's intentional. You do a great job, along with the other bloggers and writers in town, so the only thing that makes sense for me is to give my own subjective take on the microcosm that I live in. My goal is a new entry about every 5 days. I have a day job, and the rest of you are doing a fine job on the daily news beat, so there's no call for daily postings.