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Friday, October 17, 2008

Fresh Hops at Hopworks Tomorrow

No doubt this is on your calendar, but I repeat it to jog your memory:
Hopworks will be hosting the second of three fresh hop tastivals on Sat. October 18th, from noon - 9pm. It’s your once-a-year chance to taste what Oregon’s finest brewmasters can do with just-picked Willamette Valley hops. Sample more than 20 fresh hop beers from Oregon’s top craft brewers, large and small. Admission is free; glasses are $5, tasting tokens $1. Our tastival will include our own New York-style, thin-crust pizza, burgers, authentic German fare, dj stylings and 3 of our own fresh hop brews chock full of green, lush and earthy fresh hop flavor. The third and final event will be held at Ninkasi Brewing Co. in Eugene on the 25th. Come and indulge in the glory of the harvest like a true hop fanatic!

Hopworks Urban Brewery
2944 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97202
503 / 232-HOPS (4677)
Beer list (stolen from John--thanks, John!) below the jump. Go here for a printable list of the hop varieties used in these beers.

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    Here is an updated beerlist via the Oregon Brewers Guild...Fresh Hop Leafer Madness...mmmm

  2. I just tried the last available drop of the Fresh Hop Leafer Madness on cask at Bailey's last night (they'd just put it on the night previous)… close to the smoothest (Hopworks Fest of Fury holds that sceptre), and definitely the most floral of the fresh hop beers I've tried. I liked the taste I had, but I think a full pint would've eventually built to uncomfortable levels for my palette.


  3. I shed a tear when I saw that there was no Vernon the Rabbit Slayer, until next year Vern...