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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photo Needed

I am attempting to create a logo for the Honest Pint project, and I need a photograph of an imperial pint that doesn't suck. That last part is key: I spent the afternoon photographing a pint of beer about 57 times, and none is worth a plug nickel. There are a million photos online, but I'm loath to steal one because of copyright infringement and other potential legal problems.

I'm not sure how extensive my use of this photo will be, but I'm trying to make a t-shirt and an official logo, suitable for use on websites and stickers and so on. I can promise to send a couple of t-shirts to whomever profers a clear, hi-res photo, and perhaps throw in a bottle of Dissident or something. (I suppose it doesn't have to be a photo--a cool drawing or graphic, again hi-res and clear--would also work.)


[Update. Evidence of how cool beer folk are: I instantly got some responses. Thanks to those of you who heeded my call!]


  1. Jeff, ask Hunter, aka Sybeeritic.

    He regularly posts stunning photos on his blog, and I *think* he takes the photos himself.

    I have no idea how to make this a link, but he's at:

  2. maybe you could get someone to draw a logo... like a shaker pint glass with the word "liar" written on it

  3. I'd recommend searching flickr for photos with the appropriate license (attribution only or non-commercial). Their advanced search feature allows you to limit your search by license.