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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tastival Reviews, continued

Two more bloggers now have reviews up from the Fresh Hop tastival over the weekend at Hopworks. Bill liked Ninkasi, Deschutes' fresh hopped Mirror Pond, and Hopworks Parsec.

DA Beers dissents
. He thought the Deschutes disappointed. But more, he was disappointed that the drinker/beer ratio was wrong--the most common complaint we heard. I also like this:
I'm an introvert and don't like crowds, I show up opening day to festivals so my agoraphobic tendencies don't get the best of me...
Amen, brother. Portland beer bloggers: Sox fans, introverts.


  1. The ratio of beer to people is too small... I could burn the place down...

  2. Not that I really want more people to go, but the Hood River Hops Fest is one of the best beer festivals around. Plenty of room (assuming it doesn't rain), plenty of beer, and the largest variety of the three fresh hop fests. Not only that it is the only place to get Vernon the Rabbit Slayer outside of the Big Horse Pub. If you're serious about trying the most fresh hop beer possible, this is the one to go to.

  3. Lupulin with the Nuggets seems to be the concensus choice at least amontg the Lupulins. This is interesting given Harris' own preference for the Cascades.

  4. Joe,

    I agree, the Hood River fest is a good time, although with the rain this year things got interesting. My only complaint was they packed the beer drinkers into a small section of the festival, the surrounding "family area" was almost empty.

  5. Can we please ban the word "tastival"? Gawd.