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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reax to the Tastival?

Once again, I was out of town for this year's Portland installation of the fresh-hop tastivals. That makes me 0 for 5, I think. Next week it's in Eugene, but likelihood I go down is low. (When describing the probability that the Large Hadron Collider would swallow the universe, theoretical physicists describe it as "not identical to zero." Such is the probability I'll make a four-hour round trip journey to Eugene.)

Perhaps you went, though. Share your thoughts. What are the must-taste beers for those of us who didn't get a chance to go. (I'll link to blogo-reactions if they appear.)

Update, 10/20.
Angelo agrees with the commenters here--not enough beer, too many people. He has pictures and more.


  1. I only got to sample a few of the beers but the one that still stands out to me is the Lompoc Octobock

  2. I was pretty disappointed in the festival actually. I arrived at 2 and the Double Mt. Killer Green was already out. By 3:30, at least 4 more beers were out. I actually poured out 3 beers that were undrinkable including the Deschutes Mirror Pond (I may have gotten a bad batch as there was excessive head). Of all the ones I tasted, I only thought 3 were great.

    The Roots still ranks as my favorite. The Full Sail trio is so confusing - if it was truly the Nuggets yesterday, I didn't enjoy it. I have enjoyed only one of the Full Sails that I tried but the guy at Belmont Station at the time didn't know which hops it used.

    I will say many of the pourers were giving out generous tastes!

  3. We got there late — well, halfway through the thing, which can hardly be called late I guess — because a friend needed a ride from Lasik surgery. By 5, all that was left was Hopworks stuff and one pitcher of the Widmer TEAser, which was outstanding.

    Major disappointment to buy 10 tickets and wind up with a taste of TEAser and two glasses and one taste of Hopworks Fest of Fury.

  4. I appreciate the feedback. I could actually have made it to the tail end of the festival when I got back into town last night, but instead I stopped off at Laurelwood and caught the end of the Red Sox game. I will track down the Lompoc and Teamaker. The Teamaker in particular is intriguing.

  5. we got there about 1 o'clock on Saturday and, yeah, they were already running out of beer. the lines were hella long for some so i went wherever the line was the panned out okay. out of 10 beers, only 3 were duds.

    Fresh Hop India Red was good. the Tour De Williamette not so good. after the first couple, i don't remember much else.

    i wish they could do something to keep head counts down. the winter beer fest is a prime example - its ridiculously crowded. this one was getting there...

  6. The Mirror Pond was one of my favorites of the day, not sure what happened to Jason's, although the Nugget Lupulin is my favorite, so maybe Jason and I don't have the same taste in hops.

    Ninkasi's Mt. Hops is worth seeking out -- bitter and a little funky.

  7. Bill - admittedly I may have gotten a bad Mirror Pond as I mentioned before. I will have to make it to Deschutes this week to make sure.

    Still confused about which Full Sail I do like...

    Iggir - I agree about the Tour De Willamette. It was one of the one's I had to throw out. When you can't finish a 4 ounce taster, you know that is bad.