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Friday, July 09, 2010

Devil's Kriek, Preview of Coming Attractions

I was going to post my thoughts about this year's vintage of Devil's Kriek today, but I was waiting for the brewing notes. In politics, if you release news on Friday afternoon, it's called the "Friday news dump"--that's where you bury unwanted information. So I'll save it for Monday. But meantime, it appears to still be on at Belmont Station, and for you Rose City types, I strongly recommend you have a pour. Your next chance will be PIB next week, but thereafter it will be scarce. Obviously, I thought highly of it.

Puckerfest kicks off today, and Jolly Pumpkin kicks off the fun, so a trip to Belmont's probably in order in any case, right?

Meantime, you can go read Matt Swihart's comments about the beer at the Double Mountain blog.

1 comment:

  1. FYI, both kegs were about 1/3 full when we opened this afternoon, so they may last until tomorrow, but I sincerely doubt it based on the fact that the bar has been full since 3pm.