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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The OBF Parade

The Oregon Brewers Festival begins with a parade, as the ceremonial cask is ushered into the fest for a ritual tapping. Below is a photo essay. I should also admit, sheepishly, that this was the first one I'd attended. It will definitely not be the last. Big fun--

The ceremonial cask.

Portland's mayor, Sam Adams, who leads the parade.

The parade attracts a surprisingly large number of people.

I always obey the exhortations of t-shirts.

The band was playing a kind a mardi-gras polka, which seemed appropriate.

The mayor taps the keg and then everyone in attendance gets a pour. (Free!)
This year's beer was Deschutes Jubel 2010.
That's Fest founder and Raccoon Lodge
owner Art Larrance to Sam's right.

This is Cascade brewer Ron Gansberg. The picture is unrelated to the parade,
but come on, you gotta post that.


  1. I had a good time with it - decent brunch, nice day, great walk, a bunch of people with the same like-mindedness, and you finish with free beer before hitting the full lineup of the festival. Definitely doing this again.

  2. Yup... Brunch was the highlight of the day for me.

    Btw, third photo from the bottom, in a sea of green, the only schmuck smartly wearing OSU orange and black (my friends used the shirt as landmark the entire day).