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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Roots Organic, 2005 - 2010

More big news, once again broken by John Foyston: Roots is dead, ending a sad final chapter in the story of what was one of my favorite breweries.
[Owner Craig] Nicholls had been trying to sell the pub and brewery for a reported $450,000, but a couple of deals fell through and he said Tuesday that every day the pub stayed open, he went deeper in the hole. He retains all rights to the name and the beers however, and said that it was possible that his beers might still be brewed and bottled and found on grocer's shelves.
More reax later. Now I'm off to Astoria for a couple days.

Hang in there, Craig.


  1. I just shared a 1 liter bottle of the roots flanders red with some friends a couple of weeks ago, and really enjoyed it.

    Grabbed a magnum of Epic tonight in case it's the last we'll ever see of it...

  2. Sorry that RootsO departs.

    RootsO Burghead Heather [Gruit] Ale is my wife's favorite beer; bar none.

    I will pickup boomers of whatever RootsO I find at my local beer emporium over the next week. I will save the bottles.

  3. The Burghead was just listed as one of "Portland's 5 Best Microbrews" (Along with Fred, Free Range Red, LSD, and HUB IPA) in the Willamette Week's Finder. Bad timing!

  4. Craig deserves to loose his brew pub. He constantly lied to those he owed money to, and often bounced employee pay checks all the while going on one vacation after another. Good riddance

  5. Anon, that's a BS charge unless you have evidence. I'll leave it up there because I hate deleting comments, but it's chicken@$*# to post a slanderous anonymous email without some evidence.