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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Events Calendar

Craft Beer Month, though much poo-poohed by the blogorazzi, nevertheless has a number of cool events. The pick of this week's litter:

Today, July 6
Taplister One-Year Anniversary.
The Hop & Vine, 7-9:30
1914 N. Killingsworth St.

This is really more a victory lap than a major event (though swag is on offer). The app began in Portland but has now expanded to a number of different cities. Good job, folks.

Wednesday, July 7
MacTarnahan's Firkin Tapping.
Taproom, 2730 NW 31st, 4-9pm

Periodically, Mac's taps a cask of their flagship, and it's well worth a trip out to the Taproom to try it out. Few beers sparkle on cask like MacTarnahan's. Brewers Tom Bleigh and Vasilios Gletsos will be on hand to tap the firkin.

Thursday, July 8
Double Mountain Devil's Kriek Release
Belmont Station, 4500 S.E. Stark, 5-8pm
Cash only.

Not every beer release gets a mention here, but not every beer uses fruit from the brewer's orchard. Matt Swihart lovingly grows his own cherries, then matures them for months at the brewery. The newest vintage will be available alongside last year's (now two-year old) vintage.

Friday, July 8 - Thursday, July 15
Belmont Station, 4500 S.E. Stark

Even the blogorazzi admit this is one of the coolest events of the year. Schedule of releases here.

Upright Barrel-Aged Seven Release
240 N. Broadway, Portland, 4:30-9pm

This batch of Seven has been barrel-aged with rose hips, rose petals, and hibiscus. Sounds tasty.


  1. Geesh Jeff, from the first lines I thought "a number of cool events' was going to be more than 4, 2 of which I'll be attending. Although, if they expanded the Mac's thing into a mini firkin/cask fest that could be exciting.

  2. Derek, that's just the coming--and first--week of Oregon Craft Beer month. And four is a number!