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Sunday, July 11, 2010

¡Viva España!

Last week, I was going to make a big deal about how the two final sides, Germany and Netherlands, were from big beer-brewing countries. But then Spain took out Germany and spoiled my post. And today, they went on to show that beer-brewing and football-kicking are poorly correlated.

I watched the game at the Bagdad, amid some very serious fans, and had a grand old time. I know it's not the kind of game Americans want to see, nil nil until the 117th minute, but there was nevertheless lots of action, and it might well have been 2-2 before they got to extra time. I feel for the poor Dutch, three-time losers, but still, the world has a new champ today. And Spain really did look like the best team out there. Congrats, La Roja, you are a worthy champion.


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