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Monday, July 31, 2006

OBF Wrap-up

Of the 73 beers pouring at this year's fest, I had already tried 17. Another handful are easy enough to track down in town. That left a pool of roughly 50 I hadn't or won't easily be able to try, and of these, I managed to sample my way through 16--or almost a third.

This year's fest happened to land on a delightfully cool weekend, with a high on Friday of just 72. The crowds were fairly typical, and we actually had until four before things started to get hairy. All in all, a fine time.

As to the beers--here are my findings. I'll get to the good and bad tomorrow.

[Update, 11:46 am: The Bad just posted below.]

[Update, 4:23 pm. The Good, and the last of the review, posted below.]


  1. I managed to go for a couple hours Thurs, Fri, & Sat (early) this year and met friends there.. we always try eachother's beers! I managed to try 33 beers not including the ones I'd had before. IMHO OBF is best attended with a crowd of beer-snobs who want to try everything!

    Thanks for the great beerblog. -Brett

  2. Each other's beers? You're not a brewing Brett whose last name is a style of beer, are you?