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Monday, July 17, 2006

PIB - Video

Here's a minute forty-six of muddy, low-res video, this time on Youtube. Last time, my one-minute clip was high-res, and I got a complaint or two. This time, we have easy-to-play low res. See what you think. (I seem to not be able to embed it in the post, so click on the pic:



  1. This is great!

    I'm surprised by the two references to the Polish porter, Black's good stuff but I wouldn't have expected it to be a prominent beer at the fest. (Maybe it's the name?)

    Will you be doing another for Oregon Brewers Festival in a couple weeks?

  2. that's all Tom would drink because he wouldn't spend more than 1 ticket and it was the first beer he came across that he liked...

    by the end of the evening, that's all i was drinking as well - mostly because i couldn't taste anything anyway.

  3. I think the most common strategy at this fest is to mix--rather judiciously--expensive beers with one-token beers. It's quite a bit of fun just to drink on the cheap and see what amazing beers are going for one token. And Black Boss is a big winner for a token.

    I, on the other hand, was taking advantage of the expensivo beers because, even at three bucks for four ounces, they were often a value compared to the $15 bucks a bottle I'd spend retail.

    That crappy biere de garde was a good example. I got off easy just spending three bucks for it. If I'd plunked down ten bones at Belmont Station for the bottle, I'd have felt duty bound to power through the thing. As it was, I tried to pawn it off on two people, both of whom grimaced after a sip and passed it along. Without regrets, we dumped it.

  4. are you going to comment anymore about the fest?