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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Suitable Beer for Obama Win?

For the first time in my voting life--probably lifetime, but I haven't done the research--I have cast a ballot for the primary candidate of my choice. Thanks to Oregon's May primary, every other time, my candidate was long dead and buried before our election. There is every indication my candidate in this election will not only have my vote, but the majority of Democratic votes in the state. Which raises the really tough question--which beer to hoist in celebration?

I'm working on a short list here ...
Pro - Aggressive flavor, celebratory style
Con - "bitter"

Red Ale
Pro - red is the traditional color of left-leaning political movements
Con - red is the color of the current GOP

Light Lager
Pro - a fave of working-class whites
Con - not a fave of Oregonian working-class whites

Abbey Ale
Pro - nod to the evangelical vote
Con - Belgian

Brown Ale
Umm, let's not go there.
Well, in any case, I'll be hoisting one to my man. Cheers, Barack!


  1. i'd vote for something dark and manly

  2. Something from Chicago, maybe? Because I usually avoid Kenyan and Kansan beers.

    Definitely nothing from Clinton Street Brewing.

  3. One of two choices:

    1 - "Near-beer" because it's not really beer although it looks like it. Totally fake, promises you a beer-like experience but when reality hits, the truth is revealed.

    2 - Some dark (but sissy) beer to remind everyone of the return to the dark days of racism (affirmative action), higher taxes, bigger government, increased union empowerment (resulting in more outsourcing) and higher debt than ever before.

  4. someone get justadog a Bus(c)h!

  5. Just came from an election party (Senate candidate Jeff Merkley's) where they had one beer on tap: Terminal Gravity IPA. I have to say, how sweet it was!

  6. I'll have to go with the beer that I was drinking while I saw the results coming it: the imperial stout homebrew that I was bottling and sneaking sips of. Didn't mind the flatness too much during my man's victory.

  7. I'd say a glass of whine. You can forget beer if the Dems win since the hysteria to grow bio-fuels will cause every barley farmer to switch to corn.