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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Skinny Dip

Here in the Big Tent, the nerve center of blogger activity, they serve New Belgium for free. Much as you can inhale.
Pro: Free.
Con: New Belgium
Pro: Free
Con: Days have been extremely hot.
Pro: Today it's in the 70s; free.
So I just got a half-glass of Skinny Dip, just to see if it was as "eh" as I remember. It is. But still!: free. Bloggers, you know, can't be choosers. I may skip the conventionn tonight and let a co-blogger take my credential. In that case, I'll definitely go pub-hopping.


Anonymous said...

Is Skinny Dip the only New Belgium they have? Surely there must be some better choices (Abbey? 1554?)…

Chris said...

Avoid the jazz clubs and go to Falling Rock and Great Divide.

DR WORT said...

"Free. Bloggers, you know, can't be choosers."

Sounds rather desperate, lowly and demeaning... Maybe you can acquire a big piece of cardboard and write, "Will Campaign for Beer!"

Maybe Bill Clinton will buy you a beer, a Big Mac and give ya cigar... Just don't ask where it's from... ;-}

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