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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Every now and again the British beer blogger Stonch (actual name Jeff, no word on whether he's a Sox fan) and the Good Beer Blog (Canada) host a photo contest. It usually produces some lovely photos, and I suppose I should point them out. Since we have, with Matt's extraordinary pictures, I guess I got lazy. But on Stonch's site today is this photo, which I regard as a great crime:

You see the problem, right? Leinenkugel?! I have nothing against the venerable (and now Miller-owned) Wisconsin brand, but in the shadow of the gorgeous Mt Hood (I think--you'll correct me if I'm wrong)? Apostasy. I eliminate it from competition due to poor composition.

By the way, have a look at one of Matt's shots. I'd kill to be able to take photos like this:

I don't know who's off to Fred's left, but in profile to his right you see Alan Sprints. Talk about composition! (Follow the link above for a larger version of this photo.) It's slightly grainy, suggestive of history, and Fred appears to be talking while others listen. Perfect. If Matt gets around to publishing a photo book of Oregon brewing, this iconic gem would tell future generations a lot.


  1. I don't know his name, but I think he occasionally poked his head into the media session to confer with Preston. I assume he was one of the higher-up Fest staff. That's actually my media pamphlet peeking into the composition, as you can see in the next two shots in the series, and the staffer continues to loom ominously.

  2. Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the compliments! I've been trying to capture the Portland brewing spirit through photography for awhile and it's unexpected moments like these that make it worth the effort. One of my other favorites also includes Fred and Alan (Alan just made a sandwich for Fred and they talk beer at FredFest 2008).

    @ Nate: Ominous is being polite. No offense to the guy--who was obviously under some pressure on opening night of the festival--but in the third shot, he looks like he's trying to pick out his next murder victim...

  3. Leinie's Red is brewed with only the finest Mt Hood hops. That's the Leinie's Red - Mt Hood connection. The audience for my pic was my midwest beer buddies I left behind when I moved out here to the Pac NW. Back in Wisconsin, we all drank a lot of Leinie's back in the day growing up, but since my move out here, let's just say I've been enlightened.