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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Roots Epic Release Tonight

The Beer
Epic starts not with the brew kettle, but earlier, when the Roots men smoke 55 pounds of Munich malt in a smoker of their own creation ("a special stainless perfrated contraption"). The fuel for the fire is cherry wood that has been soaked in 18-year-old Glenlivet, cognac, rum, as well as cherries. They spend a week smoking the malt, hand turning 3-pound batches every 15 minutes for four hours. They use a massive amount of malt to brew the beer, resulting in a 14%, 80 IBU monster ale.

The Release - 6pm
Tonight's the release party, and it's probably going to be a madhouse. Bottles (just 40 cases!) are available only at the brewery. You can also get a 10 oz glass (according to the brewery; Angelo says it's 8.5). Either way, at 14%, it's a mighty pour. Careful if you're driving, particularly if the roads go wrong. I'd encourage you to come tomorrow in order that I might have easier access to the beer, but I know that's a fool's request. See you there--

Roots Brewing
520 SE 7th


  1. Thanks for getting the word out Jeff. Apparently the magnum bottles are now $45 and the 22's are $22 dollars. If you miss it we will be selling bottles at Belmont Station soon!
    Hope to see you at Roots tonight!

  2. The beer is fantastic! I think Jeff's price guess was for the 3L jerobeam(sp?) which the don't sell now, replacing them with the 40oz magnum. Either way it is worth every penny.

  3. Um . . . there are 50 ounces in a Magnum not 40. So it's a dollar an ounce for the 22 ouncer and $.80 an ounce for the magnum.

    By the way Samurai Artist, that is by far the most attractive beer bottle/label I have ever seen, especially with the white wax giving the "snow capped" effect that matched the label perfectly.

    You've got some serious talent!!!!

  4. there are 50 ounces in a Magnum not 40

    Is that true? Samurai Artist was the source of my 40 ounce factoid. I can correct it if I'm wrong. Maybe I'll clarify in any case.

  5. I didnt say how many ounces were in the magnum which is 1.5 L, i trust your right on it being 50 oz

    Anonymous, thanks for the compliments, i look forward to doing many more special bottles for them, including the Flanders Red coming soon, i have had it and it is amazing.

  6. 1.5L = 50.8oz., and GDI, how could I miss out on this?! That's what I get for going off the grid for a week… *shrug* snow/ice does that to me.


  7. Err, 50.7oz rather.