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Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent Beer Calendar

Every year, Jon Abernathy at The Brew Site does an Advent Beer Calendar. For the past three (four?) years, he's selected a different holiday beer for each day and reviewed it. As a testament to just how many holiday beers there are, he doesn't re-review anything. This year, he sent out a few invites to bloggers to write a review, and interestingly, most of us selected local beers. Here's Stan Hieronymus (New Mexico), Lew Bryson (Pennsylvania), Jay Brooks (California), and Lisa Morrison, who went against the grain and picked a California beer. My contribution is Double Mountain's Fa La La La La, which you can read here.

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MoonArt Design said...

I want some West Coast Brews!!!
I love the East coast and the local pubs and packy's do their best to distribute the West Coast beers...BUT I want some of the good stuff man!!
I just found out about Full Sail brewery through your blog and they have a couple (a lot) of brews that look damn good! Any hopes in mailing me some??

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