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Friday, December 18, 2009

Gathering Satori Hopefuls

For the past three years, I've been citing just one "best" of the year--the Satori Award. It honors the best beer released that year that is designed to be a regular beer for the brewery (seasonals allowed). It must have been released in Beervana or at least Greater Beervana (I would poach an exceptional Washington beer, possibly). Last year I did a kind of people's choice satori award, too, which was fun. (My pick was Cascade Apricot, yours was The Dissident.)

Anyway, I was looking through the archive to see if I could get a list of eligible beers. Below is a list of releases this year--not all of which qualify. Some were single releases, and I did a poor job of documenting single-release beers for brewpubs. Have a look and see if you can remember what I missed. These are all the releases I could recall; the bolded beers are Satori-eligible.

Hair of the Dog Michael

Humbug'r/Goose Bump/Lipstinger/Grifter

Double Mountain Vaporizer

Full Sail
Saison a Pleine Voile/LTD 03/Chris's Summer D-Lite Berlinner Weisse/Session Black/Keelhauler

Radiant/Spring Reign

Standing Stone
Double IPA/saison (Probably not new last year, but new to me)

Hopworks Secession

Cascade Gose*

Double Alt/Cherry doppel/Drifter/W 09

Four/Five/Six/Seven (plus many one-offs)

Bend Rocksy Stone

Three Creeks Stonefly Rye (2008, but some allowances may be made for breweries outside my usual catchment area)

BridgePort Fallen Friar/Highland Ambush

Roots Flanders Red

*Recurring, I think


Kevin said...

Deschutes - Red Chair
Oakshire - Line Dry Rye


Kevin said...

Oh, and both Fire Mountian brews.
Oregon Pale Ale (OPA)
Steam Fired Stout


DA Beers said...

Fresh Hop Mirror Pond
Upright 5
2009 Cherry Adam from the Wood
Cascade Mouton Rouge

Those were probably my favorite locals of the year, but a year is a long time, so I'm probably missing some other great ones.

Bill said...

I nominate Fresh-hopped Mirror Pond. Right now it's my favorite beer of all time.

Bill said...

Oops, DA Beers beat me to it!

Josh said...

HotD Matt and 2009 Cherry Adam
Upright Four and Flora Rustica
Cascade Vlad and Sang Royale
Heater Allen Doggie Claws

Anonymous said...

Upright 4
Does the fresh hopped Mirror Pond count? Was it ever bottled?

Jeff Alworth said...

Kevin, was Red Chair released this year or last? Thought it was last. Okay, Fresh Hop Mirror Pond is in the list--especially when I do the People's Choice poll.

I think Vlad and Sang Royal are regular beers--were they released in '09? I thought at least Vlad had been around a couple years.

The beer doesn't have to have been bottled--it just needs to be a regular beer. I assume fresh hop Mirror Pond is going to make a regular appearance.

Anonymous said...

Killer Green

Kevin said...


I think Red Chair debuted this May, but I could be wrong about that.


Anonymous said...

Killer green was first made in 2007

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