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Monday, March 22, 2010

Alan's Big Move

In a stealth campaign, Alan Sprints has noted that Hair of the Dog is on the move.
Hair of the Dog Brewing company is moving. I will be open this May and will have a tasting room with a small food menu and regular hours. The new space is very close to downtown Portland and will provide Beer lovers with a chance to taste Beers still in the experimental stage. For regular updates, check out the Hair of the Dog Brewing facebook page.
Based on activity on the Facebook page, everyone but me knew about this. There's even a video!

Other interesting facts. FredFest, a May event, is slated for the new place. Also, no Earth Day sale this year. Hat tip to the indispensable Beer News.

Update: Wily Elijah has identified the location of location of the new place: 61 SE Yamhill. Below is a screencap from Google Maps.



  1. thanks for finding that video of Alan talking. like most of the people interviewing him, there is a bunch of lame comments from the interviewer, but I like what he has to say. He has a very unique perspective and is a NW beer original. I am thankful he is moving closer and opening a place I can drop by without have to scrap together a reason for showing up besides that I want some great beers.