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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lucky Lab in the Northeast?

Although I have placed myself at some remove from the greater Beervana catchment area, satellites reach even my undisclosed location. And they send signals to my cell phone in the form of emails, on which, this morning, I heard a rumor that the Lucky Lab has added a new outpost. The rumor suggests Killingsworth and Concord. What the ...?


Anonymous said...

it's the old Roux location. Inbetween Saravesa and Hop and Vine on Killingsworth. Making Killingsworth become Crawl'sworth

Anonymous said...

Thought maybe you were getting a notice from the Health Department! Apparently Hawthorne Lucky Lab has been hearing from them too!

Anonymous said...

it opened Friday 3.12 at 5pm.

Shawn said...

That would make it "Lucky Lab in the North", since Killingsworth & Concord is in North Portland.

Anonymous said...


I read that too. Maybe the next beer will be Minnie Mouse Turd Ale?

Samurai Artist said...

yeah this is old news. Been in the works for quite awhile. They dont brew there but will have beer from the quimby location.

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