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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Visit to the Lucky Lab

I met Sally for an honest pint at the Lucky Lab last night--it being about equidistant from our house and her office and also sunbathed and festooned with dogs. In short, about the finest place to drink a beer on a sunny afternoon. The one drawback to the Lab, historically, has been the beer. There was a definite house effect: unbalanced bitterness and a kind of muddy flavor profile. With some beers, you knew they were hoppy, but weren't sure what else was supposed to be going on.

This seems to be changing. Sally had a malty brown last night, clean and bright, and I had a pale, also crisp and clean. (They have two pales on tap now. One is a bit more malt-accented and darker, the other a crisper, lighter, more summery beer. Owing to the sunshine and warmth, I went with the summer version.

This is good news. In the psychic terrain brewpubs occupy in my brain, the Lab only comes to mind when I'm in a sunny-hang-with-the-dogs mood. I am going to start including it in my looking-for-a-reliably-tasty-pour mood. If your mind is similarly calcified, you might drop by and test your assumptions.


  1. I went to the new North Portland location on Sunday, and although they don't seem to have any outdoor space, it was a great experience! And I also feel that the beer experience there has vastly improved since the first time I tried them.

  2. I'm not too familiar with most of lucky lab's beers, but I grab the pavlovs any chance I get!

  3. I've had similar experiences, but right now I'm drinking their Dark Dunkle Rye, and it's fantastic. I heartily welcome the new Lucky Lab -- just in time for sunny weather.