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Monday, August 02, 2010

Bailey's Third Anniversary

You never want to leave this town. The second you do, something cool happens. Like, for instance, Bailey's big third anniversary blow out, featuring a stellar line-up of rare beers--some made especially for the event. In a town studded with impressive good-beer alehouses, Bailey's may have taken the pole position (though partisans of the Horse Brass may dispute the claim). In any case, Ezra and the New School have up their reviews. Go have a look if you, like me, had the misfortune to miss the event.

(And put the date on your calendar: August 6, 2011. I know where I'll be.)


  1. Sorry you missed it Jeff. The Block 15 and the Lagunitas Pinot Saison will be on today.

    Mark your calendar for August 6th, 2011. The anniversary will be the Saturday after OBF every year.


  2. The Block 15 beer was great - like a Belgian unblended lambic (think Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella, but younger). If the reception of this beer is any indication, I don't think we will be seeing more beers like this in Portland though :-(

  3. The Block 15 was definitely the room divider - people were either praising it or could not get past the shotgun-blast bite.

    Informally-gathered opinion on my end ("So, what have you liked so far?") indicated that the Parabola was king for the day.