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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cider Sunday: Txotx!

Since we're calling out cool cider events, let me offer a hearty Txotx!  A week from today, on May 4, Bar Vivant on East Burnside is hosting an authentic, honest-to-goodness txotx feast.  In the Spanish Basque country, Txotx (pronounced "choach" and rhymes with coach) is the celebratory feast that accompanies the ripening of local cider.  I had the great pleasure to visit Gipuzkoa in January and wrote about Txotx here.  For one day only, you'll get to sample the feast here in PDX:

Here's the menu, which is spot-on what you'd find in a cider house in Astigarraga. 
  • Finnegan Cider al Txotx  
  • Chorizo cooked in Finnegan Cider  
  • Salt Cod Omeletes  
  • Ribeye Bone In Steaks - served rare unless otherwise specified (grilled by The Parish)  
  • Idiazabal Cheese with Quince and Walnuts  
  • Ken’s Bread
There aren't going to be many chances to do this outside of Spain, so if you're interested, give it a look.  

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