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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Area Man Takes Pictures, Week of April 13

Craft Brewers Conference pics, in the Convention Center and around Portland.

The Hallertau Hop Queen.
New German hop varieties.

Rogue's John Maier (l) and Pelican's Darron Welch (r) at Saraveza
They were toasting Yorkshire's Samuel Smith's.

Saraveza and the Sam Smith's toast.

Oregon brewers celebrating Belgian beer at Belmont Station

A coolship for sale at the trade show. A coolship (!).

Charlie Papazian addressing the conference.

Anderson Valley's Fal Allen at Saraveza.

Merchant du Vin's Craig Hartinger. Hail to the importers!

New Jersey's finest: Augie Carton (l) of Carton Brewing and
All About Beer  editor John Holl (r) at The Commons.

Men so fine they require two photos.

Augie, and The Commons' Mike Wright doing a podcast.

Conference goodbye session.

Bend's finest: The Beer Site's Jon Abernathy and Deschutes' Gary
Fish. (Note ribbon on Gary's nametag: Chairman of the Board. He
is in year two as the Brewers Association chair and acted as
unofficial host of the conference.

Sunset falls on the conference.

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  1. That (apparently) copper coolship was pretty impressive.