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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Collagen Beer for the Ladies

Since we've been having this discussion about gender and beer, it seems appropriate to pass along this little tidbit:
Recently, Suntory Holdings Limited launched the latest beer targeted at women in Japan and named it “Precious.” It has five percent alcohol and two grams of collagen per can. The tag line is: “Guys can tell if a girl is taking collagen or not.”

Now, aside from that 1960s-era sentiment, what's the story with collagen?
And as far as anti-aging elements go, the collagen expert believes topical therapy (like using advanced moisturizer with retinol, antioxidants, DNA repair enzymes etc.) is the most effective. But...
While more collagen in your skin could make you look younger, collagen in itself isn’t considered an anti-aging ingredient, according to Dr. Ostad. Our digestive system works to break up the collagen just like any other food or drink.
And so...
It would, according to Dr. Ariel Ostad, collagen expert and Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at New York University Medical Center. Alcohol is not healthy for the body or for your skin’s complexion. It actually inflames the skin resulting in puffiness, rosacea and irritation. With only two grams of collagen per can, “there isn’t enough collagen to make a remarkable difference for your skin’s complexion,” said Dr. Ostad.
This is far from the first time a beer company has tried to appeal to women and it surely won't be the last. I can't speak to how this Japanese-only product is likely to sell because I'm ignorant of the market. But it has all the hallmarks of a classic #fail. 1) Beer company tries to lure women to beer with a specifically feminine flourish (additive, brand, label, name)? Check. 2) Fails to see how this ghettoizes a product, limiting its appeal, and subtly (or not so subtly) condescends to its target audience? Check. 3) Appears to have completely ignored flavor in favor of packaging and branding? Check.

Ah well.


  1. I just recently saw this in my local supermarket (I live in Gunma - rural Japan). There is an absurd amount of products marketed towards women here that throw in all sorts of buzz word beautification ingredients. It honestly seems to be the norm. I didn't bother to pick it up so I can't tell you how it tastes but It's safe to assume its about the same as any of suntory's standard brews.

    Woman don't really seem to drink the macro brews here in bars/pubs/izakayas. However, I find a lot more Japanese women at craft beer bars (and in the craft beer scene in general) than I did back home (Pennsylvania). There are a good amount of breweries with female brewmasters and brewery staff in Japan as well, Minoh comes to mind immediately.

  2. I thought drinking beer made everyone look younger and more attractive already?