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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Due to circumstances mostly in my control, I didn't make it to the GADF--this despite knowing the auteur behind Hot Monkey. (The New Deal guys are apparently working on additional vodka infusions, but I maybe shouldn't be the guy to break the story. Matt?) In short, I was lame and failed to properly prioritize. Fortunately, other bloggers were equal to the task. Below, a sampling of reax:
Lamb Martini
House Spirits [Medoyeff] will “soon” be releasing a rum made from Hawaiian turbinado sugar, is currently into one year into a six year aged whiskey, and is planning a line of bitters(!). Their Aviation Gin and Krogstad Aquavit blew me away, so I can’t wait for these new products.... Clear Creek Douglas Fir eau-de-vie was one of the most interesting things I’ve tasted. Most uses of fir/pine/spruce just taste like PineSol, but this was pleasantly piney.

Imbibe Unfiltered (the sponsoring mag's blog) recaps the MixMaster's Cup, which featured bartenders from Ten 01, Acadia, Teardrop Lounge, Gilt Club, Saucebox, Fenouil, Purple Tooth Lounge, Park Kitchen, Jake's, Castagna, Meriwether's, and Clyde Common. Follow the link to find out who won.

Blotto has reviews of eleven liquors and especially liked:
Clear Creek Distillery McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey
This is a great single malt whiskey, if you find a bottle, buy one for me. Clear Creek notes “our whiskey would be a single malt Scotch if Oregon were Scotland”.

Modern Spirits Oregon Black Truffle infused vodka
This was incredible. The black truffle contributed forest floor and cocoa mushroom flavors. The vodk was extremely smooth. I’ll take a shot of this (chilled, but not iced) after the appetizers at any multi-course banquet (thyme garnish, please), and a demitasse of lobster bisque as a chaser.
Trader Tiki also reviewed some spirits and liked:
Cockspur 12 year old [rum]: The classic, from Barbados, and so much of what a rum should be. Sweet, savory, slightly smoky, just fantastic stuff.

Rogue Spruce Gin: Another conifer-based liquor, the spruce tips mixed very well with the Gin, giving a lot of sharp bold notes and spiciness to it.

Clear Creek Distillery Douglas Fir Eau de Vie: Like drinking a Tree. I can understand why the distiller doesn’t want this being mixed with (and at its pricepoint, I understand from my own perspective). It’s a wonderful and surprising flavor that I could see pairing amazingly wel with Pimento Liqueur.
And finally, Jeff Morgenthaler has a review and a recipe.

I obviously blundered and missed a great time. Next year I'll get my priorities straight.

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