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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Dreaded Twenty-Two

In my fridge, as I mentioned yesterday, is a bottle of Deschutes' 19th Anniversary Ale. It is a 22 ounce beer, and the beer is 8.7% alcohol. That's the rough equivalent of four beers, which is far more than I like to drink in a sitting. Where did these damn things come from? Why did anyone think they were a good idea? Why on earth would a brewery bottle an 8.7% beer in a massive bottle like this?

I'm not going anywhere with this, but if someone wishes to share some insight about these bottles and/or a little outrage, consider this an invitation.


  1. i'm not particularly outraged - i like big beers in big bottles.

    however, i like to share those with my're right, 4 beers is quite a bit to take down on a school night.

  2. I've always felt the big 22 oz beers were for sharing. I've had the Golden Ale, and enjoyed it. I look forward to your review. I didn't think they brewed many Belgians, and they did a good job. I'm going to Bend this weekend, maybe I can get it on tap.

  3. I blame Rogue for putting Dead Guy Ale in a 22 oz. After that any Hophead with 4 bucks in their pocket could walk into a store and walk out with a sure-fire buzz-in-a-bottle.

  4. I am puzzled by your outrage. No one is forcing you to purchase these bottles. It sounds like you are a bud light Dixie Cup drinker on a rant. Some of us find it better to get one beer than have to mess with 6 little bottles. I would recommend you write the brewery to make a 24 pack of 2 oz bottles just for you.

    Brian is also right, what ever happened to sharing.

  5. I gotta rant more--it's good for comments. Brian, you're right, sharing is nice if you have someone handy. I browbeat Sally into drinking half the Deschutes last night and will have a review up later this afternoon.

    Anon 2, yes, that's exactly right. I like thimbsful of industrial lager. Touche!

    (No one is forcing me, true. But since they're the only way I can consume this beer, I don't have a lot of choice in the matter. The Bond Street is a solely 22-ounce venture.)

  6. Uh, I don't get it. You clearly drink Belgian ales, which come in similar bottle sizes and are often far higher in gravity than this beer. Do you seriously suggest that a 10% 750 ml beer is too much?! We will avoid discussing the New Years in which I drank all three Chimay beers in 750 ml bottles except to say that dinner was great and midnight came two hours early. But still, 22 oz of beer is a smidge more than an Imperial pint.

    I don't get it!!!

  7. Man, I'm really beginning to regret this post.

    Jeff, your point would be well-taken were I living in Europe and had to spend fifteen bucks on the elixir from Bend. I don't mind getting a nice Rodenbach Grand Cru. But for the domestic market, why does Deschutes, 150 miles East of me, deliver their Bond Street beer in 22 ounces?

    I would pay more per ounce for a 12-ouncer.

    But I give--it's a strange and obviously minority view. I shall speak no more of this apostacy.

  8. The fact that I can now find four packs of Belgian beers in 12 oz. bottles at Belmont Station makes me happy. I like having the choice of smaller single serving bottles and the big ones when I have people to share them with. If everything was available in a 12oz. version, I'd be very happy.