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Saturday, August 11, 2007

ROS Party - a Cure for Hoarders' Loss Syndrome?

Lew Bryson has a problem I can relate to: inveterate hoarding.
I realized earlier this year that I literally had too much beer. The Dedicated Beer Fridge was full to bursting, I had almost a case in our regular fridge, there were two cases sitting under the kitchen table, and 14 cases under the basement steps. Some of it was beer that was never meant to age -- I had most of that in the DBF -- some of it was probably over the hill, and I had no good storage space for more beer.
In the hoarder's mind, hoarding is its own end. Getting rid of these beers, even using them for the purpose you hoarded them in the first place--drinking them--is hard to face. Lew plans a one-clean-motion remedy:
I happened to talk to Scott "The Dude" Morrison about my problem. "Dude, R.O.S.!" he said, with a big Dude grin. R.O.S.? "You need to have a Really Old Shit party! Get it all out and drink it!"
I see the virtue here, and perhaps I'll muster the courage. A lot of the beer I have is irreplaceble though--Tony Gomes doppelbock, single-batch concoctions that go back to the millenium, etc. If I drink them, then ... they'll be gone. Oh, the dilemma!

I should read some wine blogs; surely they have to deal with "hoarders' loss syndrome."* How do they manage it?

*Not an actual diagnosis.

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  1. yeah, i gave our mutual friend a smoked porter from my larder for his birthday - it broke my heart taking it out of the basement (even though, at a year and a half, it's probably about as good as it's going to get).