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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

When the MSM Calls

In my inbox this morning, an Evite:

Hello fellow bloggers!

Channel 2 is hosting a meet-up of Portland-area bloggers and you're invited!

KATU wants to get to know the blogging community and is interested in joining the conversation. There's no agenda, other than to enjoy some food and beverages courtesy of our hosts. Meet fellow bloggers, view (and photograph!) the television studios and have some fun!

While there is street parking in the area -- consider carpooling or taking public transit.

To help spread the word (and hear what fellow bloggers are saying about this meetup), let's tag our blog posts and photos "KATUmeetup".
Please RSVP so the right amount of food can be ordered, and when you do... feel free to post your blog address to your reply (optional).

Let me (or our KATU contact below) know if you have any questioins... hope to see you Wednesday August 29th! :)
Dunno what to make of this, but I see that two beer bloggers have already confirmed (also Steve). It went out to 320 bloggers, so it could be a big crowd. I'm naturally suspicious of the MSM--what, you think you're gonna woo me with your big media facilities, punks?! Will we be drugged, clubbed, shanghaied, mugged? Is KATU looking to take the competition out? (As a blogger, my first instinct is always a paranoid one.) On the other hand, food has been offered, which would constitute a tangible benefit, so maybe...


  1. An amusing rejection:

    "KATU is the most irresponsible and disgusting channel on the air in the pacific northwest. Worse than Fox and not in any way representative of Portland."

    All righty, then.

  2. 320 local bloggers get the invite and I didn't receive one...

    I'm not sure whether to be pleased or disappointed.

  3. Your email is impossible to find; maybe that's the issue.

  4. "Your email is impossible to find; maybe that's the issue." that's funny.

  5. I got an e-mail saying there would be beer. FREE BEER. I was even asked to provide a recommendation. Chris, think I should throw out De Ranke Kriek? Ned Flanders (which was easily the most delicious beer I have had in months)? That should throw them a loop.

  6. It did seem remarkably appropriate to ask the beer blogs to recommend a brew.

    @Chris: did you still not get an invite? must've not had your email...

  7. I didn't receive an invite either and my email contact is on my blog.

  8. Nope, still no invite. My assumption was that they were probably looking for independent bloggers, and since I technically get paid to write for a "corporate blog" I could be perceived as biased.

    FWIW, I generally work on Wednesdays, and I'm not sure that this would be a good use of my limited vacation time. I'll leave it up to the rest of you to let me know what I missed. ;)


  9. To all those who didn't get invites, Brian Westbrook, who commented below, is the guy who sent it. So track him down for the invite.

    Brian: if you're going local, BPort IPA is a huge crowd pleaser. I'd take any craft beer brewed locally. (But Widmer Hef is last on the list. If you're going to Russell Street for the keg, get anything else and we'll be fine.)