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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Heiney Mini Keg Technology

The last couple times I was in the store, I espied a new product from Heineken--a miniature, 5 liter keg. It looks like other novelty "kegs" you see in the store that amount to nothing more than a huge can. But then I happened to take a closer look, and realized it's actually a keg--complete with CO2 compressor that will keep the beer fresh for days and deliever a creamy, carbonated beer. It sets you back about $20, pretty cheap given that five liters is roughly 169 ounces, or 14 bottles of beer (or ten and a half pints). A review confirms that it works as advertized.

There are three downsides, though: it's not reusable, may not be recyclable, and ... well, it's Heineken. Surely the Irish can match this--they're the kings of brewery technology. Come on boys, let's get a wee keg of Guinney Extra Stout or Beamish--now that would be worth an Andy Jackson. Actually, now that I think about it, one of the Czech breweries could really profit with the use of this technology--a keg would deliver a fresh pilsner way better than a green bottle.

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