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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Widmer Oktoberfest

Is it me, or are the seasonals coming earlier every year? (Next up: Christmas pilsners and summer stouts!) I was in a Freddy's yesterday and on my pass through the beer aisle, I noted the appearance of Widmer Okto. (In fact, my attention was drawn by a woman exclaiming with alarm when she saw it. A lover of the sun.) As yesterday was a cool, rainy day, it seemed appropriate--if premature.

It is, however, a most tasty beer and not a bad late-summer sipper (last year's review here). So things could be worse.


  1. Their Oktoberfest is just around the corner too: Sept. 8.

    Widmer 3rd Annual Oktoberfest

  2. Shelf space is at a premium and they've got about two months to seriously sell it. The consumers may scratch their heads, but the brewers know what they're up against.

  3. I had a pint of this, this afternoon. I found it not as spicy as years past and a bit more fruity of a nose and taste...hops is toned way down as per the style...not bad for Widmiser.