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Monday, June 01, 2009

Berliner Weisse Video

If you frequent John Foyston's blog, you know that he posts regular videos on beery topics as they arise. My guess is that this comes from the head office, as John is not a media personality type of guy. (He's engaging and fun to talk to, but like all writers, tends to settle to the back of rooms, an easier location from which to observe.) In any case, here's a video of John and John Harris at the Pilsner Room trying out the new Berliner Weisse. It's charming and entertaining. Enjoy.

Berliner Weisse

1 comment:

  1. Classic quotes:
    John Foyston, “so this is the national drink of Berlin?”
    John Harris, “something like that.”

    John Harris, “Traditionally they drink it out of a straw.”
    John Foyston, “Huh?”