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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Vaporizer Release

This has been fairly well-covered already, but just a head's up: Double Mountain will be releasing a new beer at EastBurn tomorrow night. It's called Vaporizer, a dry-hopped "Golden IPA." You may ask, "Aren't most IPAs golden, more or less?" Apparently this one is more so--it's made solely with organic pilsner malt. It weighs in at 6% and has 60 IBUs.

Now, while you might have gotten that info at just any blog, we here at Beervana try to offer a little added value. To wit: I asked Charlie Devereux, who will be at EastBurn to introduce the beer, whether it was brewed with just Challenger hops, the only one cited in the press release. No: "There are some Brewers Gold in the bittering quotient, but otherwise it's all US Challengers, including lots in dry-hopping." Also, as to which yeast they used, it is the standard house yeast, which isn't particularly standard. Care to guess what they use? Hint: you can get it at Wyeast.
Double Mountain Vaporizer Release
5pm Wednesday, June 3
The EastBurn, 1800 E. Burnside


  1. I believe it's Wyeast 1762, Belgian Abby II

  2. OMG.. low IBU's or not, I bet it's stilla wonderful hop bomb based on the greedients! F#@& I want some and don't know if I can get there..... will they bottle? Trades? Shops?

  3. Yah, they use the Rochefort strain. Although, talking with Charlie he was saying that it actually is a pretty clean strain ester wise.

  4. Samurai,
    Odd, Charlie claimed their normal house yeast is the Rochefort strain when I spoke with him, the 1214 is the Chimay yeast I believe. It will be interesting to try, might get some more esters off that one.

  5. Josh and DA Beers are correct--it's the Wyeast 1762 Rochefort yeast. Interestingly, when I spoke to Charlie about this at FredFest, he said that microbiological analysis suggests that it's actually an English strain that's been house-i-fied by the monks.

  6. I've used 1762 in homebrews, minimal esters at most with the slightly cloudy appearance that I mid-flocculator promises.

    So, what do I win?

  7. Josh, you win the admiration of the most avid beer fans on the planet. That and five bucks will buy you a pint. Cheers!

    (If you people would click on the ads more, maybe I'd be kicking a little back, but...)

  8. I enjoyed the Vaporizer at the tasting yesterday. Strong floral character. I had a nice chat with Charlie from Double Mtn. I wasn't too thrilled about all the smoke on the patio where the tasting went down though.

    Unfortunately, Charlie said they didn't have time to come up with any special brews this year for the various festivals. It will be the standards: Hop Lava, Kolsch, and IRA.