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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mark Your Calendars: Organic Beer Fest This Weekend

I will get to a preview probably tomorrow, but I wanted to bookmark this event in your minds. (Meant to do it earlier in the week, in fact.) I missed last year's edition, but the event two years ago was a high-water mark in terms of overall quality and consistency of beer. I'm looking forward with great anticipation to the weekend.
North American Organic Beer Festival
Overlook Park, Portland
Fri 12-9pm
Sat 12-9pm
Sun 12-5pm

Admission is free, compostable mugs $6, tickets for a 4-ounce taster pour $1. Children are welcome with guardian. Bring 3 cans of (preferably organic) food as a donation to the Oregon Food Bank and get $1 off the mug price.
Make a note of it--


  1. Hmmmm.... Just checked out the beer list! Since I've had about 98.9% of these beer more than enough times and for some once was enough... The Doctor is going to save the Earth's Ozone layer from my cars burning exhaust and stay home!

    No sense in adding more fluorocarbons into the atmosphere just to have a bunch of beers I've had a zillion times. That would be humanly selfish! ;-}

    I think I can do the earth better by walking to my local pub and having a beer of my choice. Maybe, I can even convince some friends to walk to the same local pub. In what we'll save the earth from not driving, we might as well order a non-Organic beer.... I wonder if the alcohol is organic or does that really matter? :-O

  2. I'm no doctor, but I think I'll just take the max rather than drive. I think you even get a dollar off your mug that way. Cheers!