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Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend Best Bets - Summer Solstice Edition

Well, here we are, preparing to celebrate the summer Solstice Oregon style: under drizzly skies, with temperatures in the mid-60s. Okay, so it's a celestial event, not one tightly associated with good weather. Still, the days are long and the warmth is imminent. Time to ignore the weather and celebrate.

Brewers Summer Games
Two events will aid you in this endeavor. The first is of course the most star-studded: the Summer Brewers Games at Pelican Brewery in Pacific City. And indeed, the stars are bright. For example, the Emcee is widely-known to his literally tens of readers as one of several Portland beer bloggers. Oh, and I guess there will apparently be some brewers there, too.

More seriously, it looks like it will be a blast. The Beer Goddess, Lisa Morrison, will be judging the event along with Abe Goldman-Armstrong, and there are some fair-sized bragging rights at stake. Of course, there will be more kegs of good beer than you can shake a stick at, so whether you find the festivities interesting or not, your attention will be occupied.

Noon-8pm, on the beach, kids are encouraged and can participate in the Root Beer Games. All proceeds go to charity.

Raccoon Lodge Summer Solstice Celebration
For Portlanders unable to make it to the coast, you can at least make it across the river to the Rac Lodge for a party. In particular, this looks like a fantastic idea:
The brewers will roll out a full 58-gallon barrel of Cascade Brewing’s Summer Solstice IPA. This barrel conditioned beer will be ceremoniously tapped old style, with a bung and a mallet.
It looks like it will be big fun:
The event features an afternoon of live music, including Cascade Brewing Brewmaster Ron Gansberg’s bluegrass-folk band, Black Lodge. There will be pork roasted over an applewood fire for delicious BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, as well as other food for purchase.
Raccoon Lodge & Brew Pub
Saturday, 3 - 9:30pm
7424 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy

1 comment:

  1. I will most definitely be at Racoon Lodge tomorrow night! Especially for live Bluegrass. But the barrel tapping sounds like a can't miss!