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Friday, June 05, 2009

Weekend Best Bet

And now for something completely different. Usually I try to direct your attention to a variety of beers that interest me on the assumption that you might find yourself in a number of different pubs. Today I'm going to highlight a single beer, and one that won't even be pouring until 4:30 on Sunday. That's when Lauren Salazar will be at the Green Dragon along with four beers from New Belgium. And among the beers that interest me is Dandelion Ale.

Dandelions are an old-fashioned botanical most closely associated with wine. In this case, New Belgium has augmented a low-hopped beer with fresh dandelion greens and grains of paradise. And it's a hefty beer, too, at 7.8%. Sounds tres Belgique.
New Belgium Tasting at the Green Dragon
4:30pm, Sunday
928 S.E. Ninth Ave.


  1. I was interested in that one as well, need to find something to do with these weeds in my yard.

  2. The breweries in my hometown of Durango, Co., got together this spring to make a dandelion saison. I really enjoyed it: light, fresh, very of-the-season.