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Thursday, June 04, 2009

New Smoking Law

So can anyone shed any light on the new smoking law? A week or so back I went to Oaks Bottom and went out to the patio area and found it thick with smoke. Nothing, however, compared to yesterday's trip to EastBurn. Seemed like everyone there was smoking. Apparently the law doesn't prohibit smoking on patios, even if they're essentially closed in?

Anyone know what the deal is here?

(Yes, I was on balance in favor of the ban, but this isn't a complaint--just wondering what the law is.)


  1. I thought there was a distance from building requirement, but I'm not sure about covered patios.

    I called this long before the ban, in the summer people would complain about people smoking outside.

  2. Is it 10 yards from any public entrance??

    Still awaiting some banter from my last Beer Week comment.... ;-}

  3. Yeah, what WAS UP with the smoking on the patio? I don't care that much (in fact, my wife later confessed she LIKES the smell of second-hand smoke - after 11+ years of marriage I guess I should have known that?!?!), but I agree in thinking smoking was banned...I guess there are some ways to get around the law, but how EastBurn does it I don't know.

    BTW, I thought the Vaporizer was really good & hope it'll stick around all summer...


  4. Smoking is banned in all enclosed areas.

    "According to the Indoor Clean Air Act an enclosed area includes all space between a floor and ceiling that is enclosed on three or more sides by permanent or temporary walls or windows that extend from the floor to ceiling."

  5. There has been a mini-boom in small scale construction projects at local taverns. Bar owners catering to their smoking clientele have been building covered outdoor "patios" for little reason other than smoking. Of course, some folks already had patios or outside areas that accommodate smokers.

    I don't smoke and prefer my beer without it, but I somewhat miss the smokey tavern.

  6. I agree with Ralph, according to the letter of the law the Oaks Bottom and EastBurn are in violation.

    Also, if either place did not have an enclosed patio, but a deck, say, they would have to keep smokers 10 feet from any door into the establishment.

    I am not commenting on the goodness/badness of the law, but it seems pretty clear that, as written, smoking in these location is prohibited.

  7. "mini-boom in small scale construction projects" that is funny! So the ban creates new jobs.

    I think it is just fine to go outside to smoke (even if it is not the patio) and to take a break. I really enjoy meeting new people that way.
    And who would have first thought that Europe can deal with smoking bans? They are fine - people accepted that they can not smoke inside a bar or pub.
    And now a new solution is emerging: electronic cigarettes.
    I found this quick introduction to e-cigs:

    It sounds interesting ...

  8. there was a guy at one of the booths in the mall smoking one of those...he still got dirty looks.

  9. if you're really concerned, you can fill out a complaint online:

  10. As DA Beers said, summer complaints about outdoor smokers were bound to increase. I've received a few dirty looks for smoking outdoors during the nice weather so far this year. Perhaps they should change the law to say you can't smoke within 10 feet of Portland, instead of within 10 feet of any "entrance, exit, window, or air intake vent."