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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Death of BridgePort Stout

I learned last night that BridgePort plans to discontinue its venerable Black Strap Stout. In one way, I'm surprised it survived this long. When the brewery first released the beer something like a decade an a half ago, it tasted more like stout-tinged molasses. Trying to drink a whole bottle was a rugged test of will. Even when brewers dialed back the recipe, the molasses still contributed a distinctive note--and not one of my favorites. With so many stouts available, BridgePort's always got lost in the crowd--this odd duck at the end of BridgePort's line. Black Strap Stout was never a big seller, but it must have had a loyal audience to survive this long.

These things happen. Beers come and go. (And who knows--maybe the stout will enjoy a revival.) In any case, go grab a pint if you want to have a final taste before it passes this world.


  1. So may stouts, so few porters. When will porters make a comeback?

  2. Agree that Blackstrap was never very good and too molassesy but I have always thought their were not nearly enough locally brewed stouts.I dont count the barrel-aged/imperial versions because those are just beer geek hype stuff that anyone will buy.

    But now that I think about it they are just recently seeing a resurgence with HUB 7 Grain, Ninkasi Oatis and Oakshire Espresso which is good news indeed. I wonder if the success of beers like The Abyss are responsible for their comeback?