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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Elsewhere in the World

Two things happened today that require us to set aside our focus on beer. The first is that Alex Chilton has died. He will be less familiar to most folks than names of the stars he inspired--REM, the Replacements, Wilco and more. He was famous by the time he was sixteen and singing for the Box Tops, but his real contribution was with the 70s band Big Star. RIP, Alex.

Second, one of the two best sporting events in the world kicked off today--the NCAA basketball tournament (the other is the World Cup, for similar reasons). It is especially noteworthy this year, for tomorrow my alma mater Wisconsin begins their inevitable march to the title. The other games may be interesting, too.

So, for Memphis native Alex Chilton, have a shot of Jack Daniels. And in tribute to the Badgers, select your favorite beer from that famous brewing state--I recommend New Glarus' Wisconsin Belgian Red if you happen to have one handy.

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