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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three Cheers for Green Beer

Ah, Saint Paddy's, the day we celebrate old traditions. Like the bad old days when beer was so colorless and insipid that people dyed it green. Yet now we can celebrate truly green beer. Off the top of my head, a few shout outs to:
  1. Full Sail, for using less water per gallon of beer produced than any other brewery;
  2. Roots for being Oregon's first organic brewery and sponsoring the Organic Beer Fest;
  3. New Belgium for pioneering the way on green design and recycled water;
  4. Lucky Lab and Fort George for solar-powered water heaters;
  5. Hopworks for promoting two-wheeled, people-powered transport.
I know this only scratches the surface. We should all be hoisting green beer tonight, so who'd I miss?

Update, 3:30pm. A tweet from Laurelwood:
laurelwood1 Did an interview with KGW channel 8 about "green" beer (organic, that is). On at 5 and 6! Chad #fb


  1. You missed all those homebrewers who make their own beer.

    And Captured by Porches for implementing reusable bottles..

  2. Don't know how they compare, but they sure seem to be on the frontier: Long Trail Brewing of Vermont

    Here is a cool site that elaborates on their many eco-brewing efforts:

  3. Green Beer and Green Brewing. Definitely a correlation here. The Green does nothing to improve the beer quality in both cases, but does provide an interesting marketing edge in both cases.

  4. I want to know how to make actual green beer without adding food coloring. Broccoli? Kale?

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  6. Dunn,
    1 part Harp Lager, 1 part NyQuil, have fun.

  7. I like where's you're going with that Green Beer DA!

  8. Ha! Yeah, DA's recipe sounds much more "fun" than mine! :-P