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Friday, March 05, 2010

Must Have Been Fun

Via Twitter, Maine's Allagash Brewery shares this photo.

Owner Rob Tod and brewer Jason Perkins are traveling in Belgium, and they stopped in at Cantillon, where the two breweries shared each other's beer. Each other's spontaneously fermented beer. Allagash, for those who missed it, is leading the charge on spontaneous fermentation in the US. They consulted with Cantillon and built a "coolship"--or large, flat vat used to inoculate fresh wort with wild yeast. (I wrote a longer piece about this when I visited in 2008.) Must have been an enormous pleasure to share beer there in the cradle of lambics.

If you're interested in following Allagash's progress across Belgium, sign up for their Twitter feed. (Most recent stop was De La Senne. Smeirlap!)

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