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Monday, June 07, 2010

Damn Rain

I just checked, and Portland, Oregon has received 7 inches of rain since May 15, and three inches in the past week. If that doesn't drive you to drink, what will? No wonder this is Beervana--what else to do but sit in a pub and watch the sheets of water hammer down?


  1. Wait are you telling me that it is raining in the Northwest? That never happens, next you will say its hot and humid in the South! Damn this global warming!

  2. Well there's rain and then there's rain. From today's paper: "Portland has already broken its May-June combined rainfall record with nearly 7.85 inches, breaking the old record of 7.47 inches in 1984."

    Also, we haven't had an 80-degree day yet in 2010, which is I think a record, too.