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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Honest Pints in Silverton

Seven Brides brewery down in beautiful Silverton, Oregon recently opened a tap room. And guess what kind of glassware they bought. Honest pints! They actually have two different kinds of glasses, both honest. A fan of the place, Shane C, sent these photos, along with this comment: "By the way, when feel the need to get out of the city, take a hike at Silver Falls, or visit the Oregon Gardens, visit Silverton and head to the Seven Brides Taproom for some great beers and great food."

Seven Brides Tap Room

Certified Purveyor of an Honest Pint
990 N. First Street
Silverton, Oregon 97381

I can't speak for the food, but the beer I've had (sadly limited) was indeed tasty. And he's totally right about the region--it's incredibly nice down there. Silver Falls is one of Oregon's less-exalted gems and makes a great day trip. Now you can finish it off with an honest pint. Cheers to Seven Brides--


  1. My wife and I enjoy a light meal and several beers two Saturday back. The menus includes 3 flat breads [veg, brat, or chicken sausage] and 3 sandwiches [Rueben, brat, or pulled pork].

    I found the pilsner on tap true to style and hence: crisp, clean, thirst-quenching, and spirit-lifting.

    I look forward to a Kölsch lager that was being brewed.

    We will return with friends.

  2. Jack, I had the kolsch at their opening weekend and thought it was great: definitely a beer to have on hand if we ever get a summer.

    I was disappointed they were out of it when I returned a few weekends later. But they were gracious enough to give me a tour of their brewery and sample the brewing kolsch out of the fermenter. It should be ready in another week or two. I can't wait.