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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Trouble With Bud Light Lime

Aside from its obvious faults, apparently Bud Light Lime leads to debacles like this:

A general, his aides, and one reporter, stuck on a bus from Paris to Berlin, and drinking case after case of Bud Light Lime ...

Hastings told NBC that McChrystal and co. were boozing on the bus "the whole way." He added: "They let loose." The general may now lose his job as a result.

We also learned from Hastings' story that McChrystal's favorite beverage is Bud Light Lime, so we can only assume the bus was well stocked. The real question is where in Paris would one procure such a wondrous delicacy (and which foul-mouthed staffer's job it was).

Moral: avoid Bud Light Lime. This would never have happened if he'd been drinking Total Domination.


  1. You're forgetting that it's probably easily accessible in Paris, seeing as it's now a Belgian beverage...

    And you're right: would have never happened with a Ninkasi.

  2. Wow that is hilarious... McChrystal, Bud Light Lime has ruined your career