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Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday News Roundup

Note: post has been corrected.

Lots of tidbits of news lately, and I've packaged them up in today's digestible roundup. Here we go.

Washington Beer Tax
In order to help patch a gaping budgetary hole, the Evergreen State legislature hiked excise taxes on big breweries. Both Washington Beer Blog and Seattle Beer News report. This a significant development because Oregon will inevitably take up a beer tax next year, and Washington's effort will probably serve as a model. Thumbnail recap: it raises taxes to by $15 to $23.58 a barrel for any brewery selling 60k barrels a year in Washington and on all beers of over 10% abv. For small breweries and their sub-10% beers, no change.

Produce Row Reboot
Not every event warrants a mention, but new owners of Produce Row have earned one. This is one of the most important pubs in Portland history, a critical building block in establishing the pub culture that would evolve into Beervana. I haven't been there in years, which is probably typical. Next Friday is the kick-off, and if you don't make it for that, try, as I will, to stop in for a beer in the near future. There will be a bit of synergy soon as Hair of the Dog opens nearby. The old Fruit District is getting some life.

Brady has a post up about how BridgePort used the social networking site Foursquare to promote a pub crawl by the Hop Czar (who has apparently taken corporeal form as some kind of Burger King-like mascot). Foursquare? Yet another social networking site that seems almost wholly devoted to getting people to note their every move so ... actually, I have no idea. It seems horrible and appalling. But Brady makes the case that breweries may well find use for it, and I think he has a point. (I hope not, though--I'm getting social media-ed out.) But anyway, consider yourselves apprised of the phenomenon.

Beer Blogger's Conference
The first annual beer bloggers conference has been set for November 5th in Denver (of course). If you are now are will be a blogger, details here.

Weekend Best Bets
It's been a long time since I've mentioned eye-grabbing beers going into the weekend, but here's a few. At Bailey's Terminal Gravity's Cascadian Dark Ale (collect the whole set!), Eric's Peach Ale, a Lips of Faith series from New Belgium at Belmont Station, Molten Lava by Double Mountain, which I hope is still on tap at the Horse Brass. As always, taps change, so drinker beware.

I leave you with random photos snapped on a stroll yesterday during the brief window between the incessant, maddening rain.


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  2. deleted to revise
    Would the sidewalk photo be:
    stick children playing with fire

    Is the dandelion a representation of a rarely seen parasol

  3. Jeff,
    I could be wrong but I think the Produce Row opening Friday is a private event, rsvp only. Not the official opening.