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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FredFest Online Auction

I totally forgot about the FredFest online auction...which is still ongoing. All the beers were donated and 100% of the proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America. If this recession has left you with a spare c-note rattling around your pocket, go put in a bid. There are some pretty notable beers, including:

  • Hair of the Dog Matt. A commemorative beer celebrating Bottleworks' 10th anniversary, it's an extra special Adam, "aged in bourbon and 33-year old Apple Eau de Vie barrels for approximately one year by the time it was released."
  • Sierra Nevada Celebration, 1982. I doubt this beer would be much tasty now, but it is a piece of history. Four are going for just $25 bucks now.
  • Midnight Sun Venus (a quad), Anchor (brett wit), The Viking (strong ale), M (Tenth Anniversary barleywine, 2005)
  • HotD Dave, '94(?), an eisbock, if memory serves, of something like 30% alcohol. I actually had about a half bottle of this for a time, and it is definitely unique.
  • Verticals: Thomas Hardy ('86, '87, '89). HotD Doggie Claws ('01-'08). Alaskan Smoked Porter ('97-'08). Full Sail Old Boardhead ('98-'08). Rogue Old Crusty ('93-'00). Stone Epic ('02-'08). Samichlaus ('03-'07).
The current big value is a 2002 bottle of Fish Old Woody. 750 ml, seven years old, and currently going for a measly $22. The moral of our story: there are rare beer to be had, a few rare deals, and all of it goes to charity. You have two days left to bid, so go have a look.

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