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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coalition Brewing, Visual Update

Wheeling around the corner of 26th and Ankeny yesterday, I beheld this:

Here's the brewery's logo, which I have to say perfectly captures the spirit of the neighborhood--one that political operatives call "the Kremlin" because it's the most liberal in Oregon.


NW Beer Lover said...

I suppose that you only know as much as any other passerby, but any chance of getting contact info? Also, would one have to be a member of the Brew Crew to get involved? Curious homebrewers wanna know!

Anonymous said...

In addition, a new ale house is coming to 401 ne 28th, with "northern European" (aka German) food, the altest trend it would seem, with Gruner and Prost on the way as well:


Jose said...

For more updates visual and more, check us out on Facebook! ( Facebook fans receive weekly updates on construction progress and will be the first to know when the brew pub is open!

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