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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oakshire at the Horse Brass

The day has unexpectedly turned into Oakshire Day here on the blog. (Beats National Corndog Day by 12,934 miles.) Turns out Matt Van Wyk and co-founder Jeff Althouse will be at the Horse Brass tonight with three fresh hop beers.
Oakshire at the Horse Brass
5:30-8:30, 4534 SE Belmont

Come on down to the Horse Brass and taste all three of the beers- Cascade Conundrum Black Pale, Harvest Ale and Red Nugget American Red Ale. Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk and Co-Founder Jeff Althouse will be on hand to talk shop about these beers made with fresh, wet, local hops.


Adam said...

"Black Pale" - would that be a Pale Ale that is just has a stoutish color about it?

Soggy Coaster said...

Corndogs are delicious, and would probably pair well with a nice IPA.

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